A New Paradigm

Blokable creates prosperity and equity in communities by disintermediating the traditional development process and providing a vertically integrated modular solution to create housing at scale. Our solution is a new paradigm in development, enabled by a new building system and technology.


Self Performing Development

We are engaged throughout the housing creation process. Within days of initial planning meetings, our team can provide renderings of the development, schedule, costs, and an overview of the entire process. We then work with our network of local architects, engineers, and contractors trained on the Blokable Building System to implement a project. Blokable offers the world’s first VIM (Vertically Integrated Modular) development platform — from design, planning, financing, and permitting, to almost-complete manufacturing, delivery, on-site construction, and ongoing operational support. 
Because of the Blokable Building System and BlokSense Platform, we can:
  • Use a library of 3D components to Design
  • Leverage repeatable processes and designs
  • Simplify quality control
  • Build without dependence on weather
  • Drastically accelerate the government approval process
  • Create certainty in cost and timing

Market Rate Development

Development partner
with land owners and investors

Not-for-Profit Development

Fee-based development

Housing Development as a Service

Two Markets,
Two Approaches


The Blokable
Building System (BBS)

The Blokable Building System (BBS) is a comprehensive building system designed, engineered, and manufactured to consistently produce high-quality, low-cost, connected housing.

Each Blok in the system is a standardized, modular housing component assembled entirely in our manufacturing facility and designed to be stacked, combined, and connected to create prosperous communities.

By vertically integrating the entire prefabricated building stack under our factory roof, we are able to drastically cut overall project time, slash project costs, and deliver lower operating costs over time.

Bloks are currently designed to be assembled into 1-3 story communities and can be configured in a variety of ways, from standalone homes to multi-unit developments with retail and community spaces on the ground floor. The BBS structural steel frame and shear-wall system allows us to create wide open spaces for studio, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom homes and to attach decks, railings, stairs, architectural features, a wide range of cladding options, and a variety of roof types to create unique and beautiful building designs and to match climate and community design requirements.

Blokable’s standardized building system is designed to be a canvas for our architect partners, offering them maximum flexibility and creativity in design and is built to accommodate an extensive variety of high-quality materials and finishes, giving owners a choice in aesthetics. This means that Blokable projects are suitable for even the most architecturally demanding projects.

The Blokable Building System integrates BlokSense hardware and software to monitor performance and safety features of a home or property in real time. This integrated approach minimizes maintenance and insurance costs, while providing highly efficient housing as well as real-time integrated monitoring of a buildings vitals, greatly reducing the lifetime operating costs of a building.

Part of the process

Transforming how
housing is built

BBS — Key Features
High Quality
Steel Moment Frame & Beam
  • Design Flexbility – The structural and attachment systems built into every Blok enable us to integrate a variety of beautiful add-on systems for an individual home or to connect an entire community: cladding, decks, railings, stairs, and awnings.
  • Open Spaces and Glass – We can create wide open retail and common spaces or add natural light with glass or Nana walls.
  • Not susceptible to destruction by wood boring and wood consuming insects.
  • A framing and wall system that does not expand, contract, or sag over time.
Non-Combustible & Water Resistant Materials
  • Every Blokable home is non-combustible (fire resistant) with a minimum of one-hour fire rating for even interior walls.
Air Gapped and Isolated
  • Reduced risk of water intrusion from flood in a nearby unit
  • Quiet living environment
  • Enhanced fire safety
Water Evacuation System
  • Every Blokable home is self-contained and self-evacuating, with a drainage system beneath the floor to quickly drain in a fire sprinkler or flood event. Blokable homes in a multi-unit development are air-gapped and isolated from each other, if a unit’s drainage and water evacuation system fail such space allows water to easily evacuate through the system.
Energy Efficiency
  • Net Zero Energy Ready
Air Quality
  • Built to the EPA Indoor airPLUS standard
  • Handicap accessible from front, rear, or side entry configurations.
  • Each unit is designed to be capable of conversion to meet the most stringent handicap accessibility rules and to accommodate access by an electric wheelchair (six foot instead of five foot turning radius).
Low Cost
Significantly Lower per Door Build Cost
  • Lower cost of ongoing operations due to Blokable’s resilient and energy efficient building envelope
Lower Ongoing Cost
Lower Maintenance Cost
  • Lower ongoing maintenance costs using the BlokSense Insights Dashboard to monitor alarms and building performance. Visualize trends and respond quickly to costly fires, leaks, floods, and alarms.
Pre-wired and Pre-configured with BlokSense Platform
Easy Safety and Performance Monitoring
  • Property and Community Managers can monitor safety alerts, power usage, air quality, and building performance and provision door access using the BlokSense Insights Dashboard
  • Intelligent Automation responds to safety and environmental conditions to improve comfort

C. Technology

BlokSense Platform

Full lifecycle technology to enable housing creation, operations, and continuous improvement

BlokSense Development Platform

From concept to implementation, complex product development and implementation requires a tight connection between engineering, design, manufacturing, and installation processes. Underpinning our Blokable Building System is the coordination of enterprise resource planning and supply-chain management, Revit and cloud-based 3D part design and engineering, and prefabrication machining software. The BlokSense Development Platform coordinates these systems and brings collective design, purchasing, building and logistics power to every project.

BlokSense Insights Dashboard

Every Blokable is a connected home and comes with BlokSense home hardware pre-installed in a hardwired system built right into the Blokable Building System. With BlokSense, community and property managers are equipped with powerful tools to monitor safety and performance, manage access, and improve comfort. Our software minimizes maintenance, repair, insurance and other management and operations costs (a large portion of total monthly housing costs).

By providing visibility into alerts, usage monitoring, and trends, the BlokSense platform allows proactive repair and maintenance. Understanding building behavior greatly reduces the operating costs of a community. Regular, over-the-air software updates unlock new capabilities and ensure all customers have access to continuously improving software.

BlokSense makes every Blokable home smart. The BlokSense smart home platform gives property owners, managers, and residents a simple, optimized tool to monitor performance and safety features of their homes and communities in real time, including temperature, power usage, humidity, and air quality, as well as smoke, carbon monoxide, and water leak alarms. Using any web browser on any device, customers can view real-time and historical data and sign up to receive alerts. A wired network of intelligent sensors gather and report data to our cloud-based BlokSense Insights Dashboard, where customers can monitor and manage the home in real time.

BlokSense Insights Dashboard
Key Features
Access Control System
  • Locks support keyfobs and key codes (no need to rekey)
  • Provision and manage resident access using supplied keyfobs
  • Provide temporary or permanent key code access
  • Secure admin tools to remotely unlock doors for cleaning, maintenance, and deliveries
  • See all alarms and alerts across all communities on the Dashboard home screen
  • Subscribe to email alerts for any of your communities. Receive alerts for any smoke, carbon monoxide, fire sprinkler, or water leak event
Flexible Reporting
  • View current and historical data
  • Export and share reports
  • Download PDF and Excel reports to compare and analyze trends
Intelligent Automation
  • Turn off water at the main if a significant leak occurs
  • Increase air exchanges if poor air quality is detected
  • Adjust temperature and lighting by home / away status or time of day
Easy to Use
  • The BlokSense Insights Dashboard is a responsive web application, accessible using any modern web browser on Mac or PC using mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop
  • Flexible roles and permissions administration for property and community management organizations
  • Secure log in using Google single sign-on or using your own username and password.
BlokSense Hardware
No Batteries to Replace
  • All sensors are powered so dead batteries are never a problem.
Wired Sensor Network
  • Reliable wired connections
Lower Maintenance Cost
  • Lower ongoing maintenance costs using the BlokSense Insights Dashboard to monitor alarms and building performance. Visualize trends and respond quickly to costly fires, leaks, floods, and alarms.
Regular Over-The-Air updates to every Blokable home
  • Continuous improvement via our Over-The-Air updates means BlokSense will continue to grow and evolve along with the communities our customers build.
  • Our website and proprietary services are built on Google Cloud Platform, which is automatically encrypted.
  • Our website UI is protected using TLS 1.2 and with a certificate not less than 2048 bits.
Mender / Google MQTT
  • The Bloksense Hub is updated to the latest security updates remotely for every device via a service called Mender. And for Blokable Web Services, Google MQTT is deployed to communicate between those and the Hub, employing HTTPS, or encryption. Hubs are “fenced” from other Hubs in the community, so no information can be shared between Hub to Hub. Malicious actors cannot gain control of other Hubs in the neighboring Bloks if they had access to one.
Resident & Customer Privacy
  • We respect resident and customer privacy. Blokable stores no information about the user, does not store usernames or passwords, and to access the data about a community, the user needs to authenticate using Auth0.
  • Administrators have access only to their assigned community.
  • Blokable collects no personally identifiable information.