Introducing Blok S

We can now quickly deliver and set in place Blok S units as stand-alone structures on almost any site or as connected units on almost any new podium as a part of a complete multi-unit building system.

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The Blok S

Blok S is a dwelling solution created for community-based developers who desire an optimally functional, turnkey efficiency unit.

Gross Dimensions (exterior)

Length: 35.5’
Width: 9.25’
Height: 10.75’
Footprint: 328.5 sq ft.
Weight: 22,000 lbs (estimated)

Net Dwelling Dimensions (interior)

Length: 34’ wall to wall
Width: 7.75’ wall to wall
Height: 8.125’ ceiling
Interior area: 259 sq. ft
Interior Volume: 2154 cu. ft.
(Meets/Exceeds Seattle DCI; SEDU)

FAQ for Bloks:

How do I order Bloks?

Please reach out to us through the Contact Us page. We would be happy to discuss your project with you.

Who is responsible for permits and inspections?

Blokable is responsible for permitting Bloks with state regulatory agencies, and the client will obtain permits for site work and local regulatory agencies. If you think you will need assistance obtaining permits, please contact us to discuss your project.

Where are Bloks built?

Bloks are built at our manufacturing facilities in Vancouver, WA.

Are Bloks energy efficient?

Yes, Blokable units meet current energy codes and are prepared for a project LEED rating. Bloks are built to meet or exceed current energy standards and because each Blok comes with advanced smart home technology, each controls the efficient use of electricity, water, and interior climate. We are installing the most energy efficient systems available today, and constantly developing methods to increase efficiency.

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Construction / structure

Our in-house design, architecture, and engineering teams will work with you from the start to ensure your project maximizes the site, meets the latest code requirements, and is seamlessly integrated into the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, and civil requirements of your project.


Type A and B accessible units

Energy efficiency

LEED ready
Energy and water saving fixtures and equipment
Highly insulated exterior envelope

Quality/water resistance

Quality/water resistance
Exterior wall with rain screen
Membrane roof

Life safety

Automatic fire sprinkler system
Fire alarm/strobe system


Materials, hardware & finishes designed to be durable
High quality, durable plumbing fixtures and equipment
High quality, durable cabinetry
Solid core doors with high-quality hardware
Bath walls to be highly durable


STC 50 between connected Blokable units


Front Door with key-less entry
Front Window – hopper window with limited opening


Mini-split Heat Pump HVAC unit
Type A ADA Unit
Deck, Ramp


Our products are made in the US. We are part of the local economy and believe that fully integrated design, engineering, and manufacturing results in better quality


Blokable is dedicated to helping municipalities and non-profits meet the housing challenges facing cities today. With the Blokable system, we can deliver move-in ready building blocks to create homes and communities.