Tony Hsieh's Downtown Las Vegas Project

At Blokable we live at the intersection of industrial design and architecture.  We have a deep appreciation for people who apply industrial design, manufacturing, and technology to bring new ideas to the housing market.  This post is an appreciation of Tony Hsieh who has invested and continues to invest his own money to re-imagine downtown Las Vegas. I learned about Tony’s work during my time at Amazon when I worked on both the Amazon Books and Amazon Go businesses.  At Zappos, Tony had created a unique culture and a fantastically successful business that caught the eye of Jeff Bezos and was subsequently acquired by Amazon.  Tony took some of the transaction windfall and purchased a block of land in downtown Las Vegas where Zappos had built its headquarters.  I won’t get into the specifics of his investment or vision as those are well documented  Instead, I’d like to share some pictures and say thank you to Tony for inviting me to tour his vision. It takes a unique blend of vision, fearlessness, and patience to go after a mission like downtown Las Vegas and I would encourage anyone who’s interested in urbanism and modular building to make the trip.  I plan to return in 2017.  As for us, keep an eye on the Blokable website as we have some exciting announcements planned for 2017.