Molly Turner Joins Blokable Board of Advisors

As we begin 2018, we at Blokable are actively working in Washington, Oregon, and California preparing to deliver projects for customers. Collaborating with policy and real estate leaders has been a critical aspect of our work to date, and today I’m thrilled to welcome Molly Turner to our Board of Advisors to help us further build relationships with the housing policy community.

Molly Turner (photo credit: Kate Munsch)

Molly is a strong voice and someone who I’ve followed since starting Blokable. She currently lectures on urban innovation at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, serves as a Board Member at SPUR, and previously served as the Global Head of Civic Partnerships at Airbnb. We’re excited to work with Molly to bring our voice to the housing policy conversation. Recently, Molly penned, Homelessness in the Bay Area, a must-read examination of the multi-faceted nature of the housing crisis. In the article, Molly explains, “different populations require different interventions, but there is a common core to homeless solutions everywhere.”

One thing we’re learning along the regulatory journey is that the states, cities, and policy leaders also want to see innovation and new ideas. We realize the importance of engagement with elected officials, policy makers, community leaders, non-profit organizations, real estate developers, and landowners so we can work together to bring positive change. We see the challenges and the barriers so it’s our responsibility to advocate for changes that will reduce the time and complexity of building and increase housing supply.

Housing is a highly regulated industry with international, federal, state, and local building codes that overlap and sometimes contradict, and building housing in a factory as we do at Blokable adds an additional layer of complexity. Our Product team spent the better part of 2017 partnering with customers and regulatory agencies to move our Blok product through the State approval process so we could deliver housing in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and California. Thanks to visionary customers such as Compass Housing, Soup, and Community Services Northwest (CSNW), and others, the Blok is an approved dwelling unit in all four states. Anyone with land and financing who wants to quickly build a single-story housing community in a state where our product is approved can bypass building architectural design, electrical and plumbing engineering, energy code and building code approval, structural engineering, and building inspections; the design and approvals are built in.

There’s no doubt that the housing crisis is incredibly complicated and one product won’t be able to fix the entire ecosystem. But we’re developing a sustainable solution which requires partnership and collaboration with seasoned and experienced policy leaders like Molly, to make a difference and build housing where and when it’s needed.