Meet Blokable Co-CEO Nelson Del Rio

Blokable is fortunate to have an incredible community of advisers, investors, and partners who actively support our mission: To build a new housing development platform that maximizes individual and community prosperity. If we can build high quality affordable housing at scale, then we can start to really solve some of today’s greatest social challenges. One of Blokable’s first advisers, Nelson Del Rio, is a pioneer of this holistic, human-centric platform, and it’s our pleasure to announce that he has recently joined us in an official capacity serving as Co-CEO alongside Aaron Holm.

Nelson Del Rio

Nelson pioneered the earliest public-private partnerships that unified design, build, and operation protocol for government occupied commercial real estate. His commercial development-as-a-service structure enabled the provision of low cost, efficient, high-quality, public facilities through not-for-profit ownership coupled with commercial development and operation-as-a-service. Nelson’s novel approach has become an industry standard. By joining Blokable he’s now applying that same vision in residential real estate.

As Aaron continues to lead the production and technology aspects of Blokable’s innovative housing platform, Nelson will focus on design, building efficiency, and evolving the antiquated, often broken residential housing development process to Blokable’s new delivery and operation platform. Nelson and the Blokable team are using the scalable, high-quality product we have developed to create a new, scalable development model in the traditional industry. Blokable’s Housing Development-as-a-Service approach allows both traditional and non-traditional developers alike to reduce the time, cost and complexity of building communities while providing a platform that enables ease in operations and a new platform for the digital delivery of supportive and value-add services.

With nearly three decades of experience as an attorney, serial entrepreneur, investor, developer and philanthropist, Nelson’s range of expertise matches the equally diverse and complex set of challenges that come with creating a future in which we have sustainable, prosperous communities where everyone has a place to live.

And there’s more exciting news from Blokable on the horizon. Stay tuned for more and if you haven’t already, connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.