Is Blokable secure?

Blokable uses technology in every part of the process: from the unit’s development to its manufacturing to maintenance. Because each Blok is a home, we build with the security of our customers as a priority, which include both the residents of each Blok and the community administrator responsible for safety, maintenance and energy efficiency.

The primary technology that powers Blokable is the Insights Dashboard, which allows a community administrator to observe data usually tracked by separate meters/sensors such as energy usage, temperature, humidity as well as the status of safety devices such as leak detectors, carbon monoxide/smoke detectors, smart door locks, sprinkler activation and thermostat settings.

  • This data is accessible through a private Web interface accessible only by the community administrator(s) and Blokable’s tech team, and is only used for safety, quality assurance and maintenance.
  • We adhere to industry standards for security, including encryption. No personally identifiable data is collected by Blokable. Administrators only have access to the community they’re assigned to and can only see safety and maintenance data from their specific community.
  • At this time, no administrators can control the physical security of the Blokable unit (lock/unlock) remotely. However communities will have the ability to have a master key for maintenance and safety like a landlord normally would.

The Blokable product will continue to grow and evolve, along with the communities our customers build. We’ll continue to work with them, governments and developers to ensure that the security and privacy of residents are a priority.