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Building communities

Blokable is helping solve one of today’s greatest problems: a lack of housing where and when it’s needed the most. By integrating construction, software and services into a single framework, we empower architects, local governments and change agents to build communities, incentivize sustainable city planning and solve for one of the greatest problems of our time.

Our mission

We believe wider access to quality housing will help communities — and our country — thrive. And we can provide that access by reinventing the way our society approaches housing by making high quality housing products and working with regulators and real estate leaders to increase housing supply.

How it works

Blokable manufactures a housing product that comes from a single, flexible framework that can be configured and inspected at scale. We integrate hardware, software and services with high-grade materials and modernized processes, taking technology that’s akin to making automobiles and applying it to modular housing.

What we do

Blokable doesn’t fit traditional industry categories. So we work closely with partners who are forward-looking vanguards: architects, local governments, nonprofits and developers to craft functional, vibrant and lasting communities. By working together, we can build a more sustainable society in which everyone has a beautiful home when they need it.


What makes us different

We believe that creating high quality housing products that are manufactured to be flexible and scalable will help solve our housing crisis.

Who we work with

We are proud to work with change agents across industries committed to building a more sustainable society.

Our team

Our leadership team brings together experts from technology, manufacturing, finance, development and government committed to changing the way we approach housing.