Michael Duncan — Manufacturing

Michael is an innovator with 30+ years of experience combining traditional manufacturing with new technologies to develop product quality systems, manufacturing scalability and cost management strategies. He has brought his talents to a variety of industries and companies, including such as Fathom, Leatherman, Amazon, and Intel. Holding a degree in Product Design & Materials Science education from the University of Washington, Michael has served as a student and guest educator at the Art Center at the College of Design. His career is focused on new product prototyping, short-run production, supplier qualification and management.

Most interesting home you’ve lived in?

“A 2 level 1800 square foot floating home in Portland, Oregon. The house was originally designed by an architect in 1961. Very well thought out spaces but very dated materials. I spent a few years updating, including installing a unique roof that helped with the overall structure of the house. I had my boat parked in front of my house, so had access to the water year round. I even went to the grocery store by boat. There was a tremendous sense of community because everyone depended on each other to maintain the floating neighborhood. There were unique challenges in maintaining the house, mostly storm related, but a very wonderful lifestyle.”