Justin Huff — Technology

Justin’s love for technology began when he got his first computer at the age of six. Since then, he’s co-founded multiple tech companies including PicMonkey and has worked on everything from hardware and large scale web applications at Google, to sonar technology and home automation systems. His fear and hope for tech is that while it provides instant communication and information that is helpful, it has also pushed us to be more fragmented, isolated, and torn apart as a species. The mobility of people, ideas and work has enabled so many things in our society - the trick is to be able to find a way that provides benefits for everyone and not a few. Bridging the potential of tech and social impact is why he chose to invest his time and talent at Blokable.

Most interesting home you’ve lived in?

“I lived underneath the stairs in college in a boarding house for $100 a month. The room was 5x10 with a bathroom across the hall. I was in the apartment and had just gotten out of the shower when during the Nisqually earthquake hit. I ended up standing in the alley outside my door with a towel around my waist waiting for the earthquake to stop.”