Jason Kim — Technology

Jason is a software architect with over 10 years of experience in the tech sector working for companies like Expedia and Avvo. He holds a computer science degree from the University of Waterloo. With his innate curiosity and tendency towards constant problem solving, software development was a natural career fit. In addition to his work as an individual software architect, Jason also has experience managing software developers. It was during his stint as a manager that he realized how much he enjoyed mentoring junior colleagues in their career growth, as well as managing his team goals and resources.

Most interesting home you’ve lived in?

“As an intern, I stayed in this really run-down basement in a house. The whole place was super dank because it was the basement, and it didn’t have good lighting. The room was so small that it barely fit a tiny bed, a tiny desk, and a pocket-sized wardrobe–there was no empty floor space. By today’s standards, it was the size of a closet. The bathroom was poorly insulated, and the kitchen was just a place to heat up food. But, the room was warm enough and kept me dry. Because of that experience, I really appreciated the places I lived in afterwards.”